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Your Memecoin's Favorite Meme Coin!

Why Netcoin?

Its simple, All of your favorite meme coins trade netcoin, are you gonna be the guy at dinner that talks about what he had before it blew up?? 

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Our Story!

Devs Rugged :(

Community  Takover

So Lets Buy!

It all began when a group of us were hunting for some live new pairs and decided that Netcoin was a really dope project so we APED as usual. Well of course we got rugged by devs, Whats new..... Right after that happened we decided we were not gonna let this happen and we took over the project the rest is history!

The Lore of $NET

back in 2008, as the digital currency revolution was just getting started, Created just a day before its famous counterpart on August 17th, our domain was shrouded in mystery and believed to be the first name satoshi created for bitcoin, purchased through AnonymousSpeech in Japan. It is now traded by all your favorite memes in solana meme land!


The creation of before implies that Satoshi might have initially considered naming the digital currency "NETCOIN."

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